cor - comparison to other protocols

IP based routing

The IP protocol as used by most mesh networks today was build with the assumption that people building networks are cooperative. There are lots of ways the operator of a single router can cause malfunction on major parts of the network. High load can easily cause major malfunction without any deliberate attack at all. Solving these issues on top of IP is hard or impossible. Many bigger networks try to solve them by setting up some kind of organisation which does central administration. However none of the problems are really solved this way and new social ones are created. The organisation can be unfair and can be instrumented for bad purposes. It also makes everything more burocratic.


Both Gnunet and cor can be used to build mesh networks. The differences are:


Tor is an overlay network. Every node must be able to reach every other node as routing is completely random. Cor is a layer 3+4 protocol which provides connectivity to nodes which do not have a direct connection, but does not provide the same level of privacy.