cor - connection oriented routing

Cor is a linux kernel patch (in development) which implements a layer 3+4 protocol for free community mesh networks. It is built operate in a 100% autoconf environment without any central administration. This is neccesary in order to both maintain freedom and make setup simple+quick. Cor tries to be resilient to failures, (D)DoS attacks and graceful under high load. It also tries to protect the privacy of its users, even tough this is rather weak.

How cor operates

Connection oriented

Cor keeps a soft state of connections on every router. The reasons are basically: The drawback of keeping this state is besically memory usage. However, people sometimes to the same with IP (NAT, stateful packet inspection, transparent proxying, ...).

Source routed

IP networks usually calculates routes in the network. In a cor network, they are calculates by the clients. This is called source routing. There reasons are:

Current state

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