Mailing list

There is one mailing list, which is there for discussions about the cor project and related stuff. Feel free to ask for help or send whatever you think is interesting to its readers.


Send an email with the text "subscribe cor" or "unsubscribe cor" in the mail body to Make sure you send this email as plaintext without any footertext.

Note that membership lists are public until I find a way to turn this off.

This mail server is using greylisting. Your first mail might take some time to deliver, usually about 15-60min, depending on the retransmit settings of mail server. This will only happen to your first mail and if your greylist entry expires.

Sending mails to the list

Send your mails to


Everything you send to this list will be archived and is available for public viewing.

Currently you can access archives at gmane and mail-archive.


This mailing list does not use reply-to mangling. Please the "group reply" or "reply to all" function of your mail client for replying to the list. Please do not drop any recipients or use the "list reply" function of your mail client. Otherwise your mail might not be received by all participants. When using "normal" reply, your reply will be sent as a private mail to the sender and not to the list. However, if you want to say something in private, this is ok.